A small tool to test the air pressure in car tires that works to save gas and extend the life of the tires


  1. LCD display for easy reading
  2. Super mini size car shaped display
  3. Four units:PSI/Kpa/Bar/cm2
  4. Can be attached to key ring
  5. High precision and repetition
  6. Save gas/extend tire life with correct pressure
  7. Manual power on/off and auto power off


  1. Range:2-150psi or 0.15-10.0bar or 15-1000kPa or 0.15-10.0kg/cm2
  2. Display: LCD
  3. Power: CR-2025 3V lithium battery
  4. Material: engineering plastic.
  5. Powered by: cell lithium battery (included).
  6. Color: Black