Video games are fun, Thumbstick buttons for video games provides you a better experience while playing Games

Prevents sweating and provides button protection and also used to replace a damaged button


[Non-slip Gaming Thumb Caps]

  • Step up your game with our silicone gaming thumb caps. No more worrying about your thumbs slipping off the analog stick of your controllers.

[Extended Thumb Grips]

  • These thumb grip caps extend the normal length of your controller’s analog sticks to help with easier controls

[Protect Your Analog Stick]

  • These thumb grip caps help protect your analog sticks from wear and tear.

[Easy to Install]

  • Just twist the caps in and out over your controller’s analog stick.



  • Type: Thumb Grip Cap
  • Platform: for PlayStation / Microsoft / Nintendo
  • Material: silicone
  • Features: padded, waterproof
  • Weight: 2g/per
  • Brand name : centechia
  • Compatible brand/model : Sony
  • Compatible SONY Model : PlayStation