Video games are fun, the Finger Sleeve to video games provide a better experience while playing video games through the high comfort it provides


  • Non-slip Touch Screen Gloves Men Women Thermal Knitted Breathable Sweatproof Gloves for Cycling Gaming
  • Sensitive touch, built-in knit, stretch fit;
  • Warm and breathable, sweat-proof and anti-slip;
  • Skin-friendly and comfortable to wear.
  • Constant comfortable friction, stable and precise finger movement;
  • Nano fiber, light, thin, fine, strong and powerful;
  • High sensitivity, clear and continuous response of touch screen;
  • High air permeability, the contact surface between the fingers and the air is increased by 50%, the evaporation area is increased, and the sweat can be easily discharged no matter how much;
  • Suitable for different finger circumference, comfortable and not tight fit;
  • Hot fuse edge.
  • Brand name : centechia