In order not to ruin the experience of video games on the mobile and to fully enjoy playing, one of the important video game accessories, which is the finger sleeves , is essential and comfortable during use and makes you play constantly without worrying about sweating


[Ultra-thin & Insulating Hands]

  • 0.7mm ultra-thin type, carbon fiber fabric finger tips are cooler than other rubber and cotton finger sets, these finger sleeves can isolate sweat from hands and sn contact, anti-slip, anti-drop, oil-proof, anti-fingerprint, can improve the feeling of playing and prevent misoperation.


  • As these mobile game controller finger sleeves have high elasticity, they can be adjusted and fit the size of most people’s fingers, it is portable and easy to carry in your pocket or bag, you can always apply it that you need it

[Sensitive operations]

  • operating sensitivity, which will help you improve the gaming experience. Easy to use Get an impressive and smooth gaming experience with these finger sleeves. Its coefficient of friction is close to the friction between the finger and the sn. Not too slippery like a textile finger sleeve.

[Wide Compatibility]

  • These finger sleeve mobile games support almost all games on Android or IOS phones, and also perfectly compatible for shooting games including PUBG mobile, Call of duty Mobile, Rules of Survival, knives, rope stars , Prime entry, Survivor Royale, Critical Ops, etc.


  • Material: Superconducting fiber material
  • Quantity: 1 pair
  • Thickness: ≤0.3mm
  • Product size: 45*25*2mm/1.77*0.98*0.08″
  • Brand name : centechia