Built-in camera for unnoticed photography

Specifications : 

  • Support iPhone/Android smart phone Wi-Fi direct monitoring
  • Support iPhone/Android smart phone to monitor directly through the Internet
  • Support 24-hour continuous remote monitoring, with motion detection mode and all-weather recording mode options.
  • The video compression format is H.264, which has faster transmission speed and saves memory.
  • It is simple and quick to set up in remote monitoring.
  • Ultra-clear lens makes the effect clearer.
  • Exquisite and meticulous design
  • Support large-capacity storage, maximum support 128G. (Excluding memory card)
  • Powerful functions, with functions such as photography and recording, taking pictures and motion detection.
  • The external storage design is more practical and convenient, and the information is safer.
  • Motion detection function will not miss the wonderful moment.
  • Support iPhone IOS, Android phones.
  • Support Wi-Fi and remote control.
  • app: LOOKCAM remote viewing
  • Support P2P. View anytime, anywhere
  • 5V power supply with battery 2000mah