Built-in camera for unnoticed photography

  1. Portable Mini Camera:
    It very common daily use pen, with free combination of pen and ball pens, it can be clipped on the notebook or shirt pocket. This mini camera pen is very hard to be noticed while it’s recording. Mini camera pen suit for a business meeting, lecture class, conference or traveling.
  2. Updated Model:
    This is PLUS version, V8 PLUS pen camera, it has 3 functions:
    — Take photo
    — Record video
    — Record audio
  3. Easy to Use:
    It is easy to use, because it only has one operating button. After pressing the button to turn on.
    — Press the button once, it lunch taking photo function, picture will save to SD card.
    — Press the button last 2 second, it lunch recording video function, the Video will save to SD card.
    — Press the button 3 times continuously, it lunch audio recording function, the auido will save to SD card.
  4. HD 1080P video & High-resolution pictures & Audio format:
    — This camera euipped with both 1080P HD video shoot, the video’s resolution: 1920*1080P.
    — Photo’s resolution: 2560*1640px
    — Audio’s format: WAV