• TYPE–12v battery alligator clips with Sae 2 pin quick disconnect connector cable.
  • With crocodile battery clamps–allow you quick connect/disconnect with vehicle battery. Handy and convenience.
  • Standard 2 pin sae connectors– Fit for most of sae pigtail of battery charger.
  • Great for charge your vechicle battery with trickle charger, maintain to the vehicle’s battery via connecting sae outlet.


  • Cable Size: 14AWG
  • Length: 100CM
  • Color: Red/Black
  • Fuse Case : 10A
  • Alligator Clips :
    Alligator clip: – signed, Means negative pole, Rating: 30A
    Alligator clip: + signed, Means positive pole, Rating: 30A
  • Sae Connectors:
    Sae connector: connect the black wire means negative pole
    Sae connector: connect the red wire means positive pole