With a perfect combination of HD camera and glasses, you will get a cool glasses and a camera! Glasses frame is made from ABS plastic material, light weighted and comfortable wearing experience.
    The device allows to record at 1080p/30 fps, you will be able to get stunning high-definition videos, also you can take photos @2560*1440.
    A user-friendly button on the frame for recording video and taking pictures without any complicated setup or configuration. Connecting it to computer by the USB cable or a card reader to load file. Spend less time on learning how to use it. The videos and images captured can be with or without time stamps on by setting.
  • Camera Glasses Hd 1080p Eyewear Video Recording Camera for Meeting, Travel, Sports
  • The camera glasses is perfectly combined eyeglasses with a camera. The lens is located at the right holes.
  • It records at 1920*1080p, you can get clear videos which ideal to share on social media.
  • The camera glasses is an ideal device for people who want to shoot without much notices. You can use it to record daily life, personal investigations, meetings and other activities.