Transmission infrared function is small and light, easy to carry and carry
Mobile universal remote control, support 98% home appliances, support 99% of 3.5mm headphone jack smart machine!
Coverage: Point linear distance 5-10M
Interface: 3.5 headphone port
Compatible platform: Android system IOS system
Color: black, white, purple, rose, orange, green, blue, yellow (random delivery)
Applicable objects: TV, air conditioner, set-top box, fan, etc.
Material: metal + plastic
Operating temperature range: -10 degrees to +60 degrees

Software download:

  1. Android version: Android market, application, 360 mobile assistant, machine front market search “remote wizard” download and install.
  2. Apple Edition: Search for “ZazaRemote” on the AppStore and install it.

Reference materials:

  1. zaza remote wizard APP download address and related tools and instructions:
  2. the use of audio ZAZA series and common settings operation video tutorial:
  3. Android version 2.0 wants the above software to automatically match the operation video tutorial:

Recommended compatible APP Remote Wizard (device selection Smart-ZaZa) Android mobile phone remote control free download.